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Tomball Cab puts your needs first.

We value our clients. You choose us to serve you with our taxi and transportation services. And it is but rightful for us to return the trust you give by providing what is expected from us. Tomball Cab pledges to live by what we promise to our clients, making sure their needs are meet with the comfort they desire when traveling to their destinations around Texas.

Tomball Cab is an equal opportunity services provider.

We do not exercise discrimination in the provision of our services and will equally entertain taxi service requests from every customer regardless of color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or creed.

Tomball Cab hires the best drivers and staff

We value our people. We put in worth to our team members. They are considered to be the safest and most careful drivers in town and we want them to feel they are valued by our organization. We demand maximum efforts from them, at the same time, we also offer comprehensive benefits during employment. This healthy working environment makes us certain our staff of taxi drivers are capable and happy to serve you.


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We would all like to send our sincere thanks to you for giving us a great, grand & quick tour of Texas in the very short time frame we had before departing to San Francisco. Your knowledge and commentary was superb – also the fact you had cricket experience certainly impressed my friend and we all enjoyed the repartee between the two of you. The frequent stops for photo ops was great.

Catrina Romero

I took a taxi to UH for a presentation to the TIM School Criminal Justice class. After getting there and reviewing my notes I realized that I had misplaced or lost my cell phone. I immediately called Charley’s and asked them to check the taxi that had dropped me off. I also told the Dispatcher that I would call her back after my speech. I got a ride home and I was praying that I forgot my phone in the house. No luck, so I called TomBallCab and the Dispatcher said the driver brought the phone to the office. A driver brought it to me at home, which gave me great relief! Thank you for your lost and found program!

Lani Bjork

Every Holiday Season my fianceé and I enjoy making ALL the festivities and dinner parties with our friends and clients without driving. We depend on Charley’s to pick us up and take us home and the service has been excellent for as long as I can remember. Thanks for helping us enjoy each season to its fullest, safely. Keep up the good work! Aloha.

H. Griffith
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